Watch the Greenlight story to learn how we're making the mobile phone safer and more useful on the road. 


SmartCradle Software features



Auto-launch is a key time saving feature that makes Greenlight simple and quick to use every time you drive. Your phone automatically pairs to Greenlight via Bluetooth. All you need to do is dock your phone, swipe, and Greenlight starts running.




Once launched, the Dashware starts loop recording. Loop recording works by letting your phone record just short segments of video at a time and automatically erasing the segments where nothing happened. This provides full video coverage of all your drives with a minimal use of space. No complicated setup or video management is required, Greenlight takes care of all of that behind the scenes.



Incident Detection

Special algorithms allow Greenlight to understand when you're driving normally, and when an incident may have occurred. In the event of a sudden impact to your car, Greenlight will detect the incident and immediately store your video. Your evidence is secured by Greenlight, automatically.



Cloud Uploading

Connect Greenlight to your favorite Cloud account to ensure that video recordings captured automatically or manually are stored safely and securely, off your phone. Greenlight manages both local and cloud videos for you, so you can be sure that those key moments will be where you need them, when you need them.


Media Management

Greenlight lets you manage your own content; you can easily manage and organize (save, delete, upload, share, etc.) all your Greenlight captured videos in one place.



Data Capture

Greenlight gathers secure, anonymous data to create a smarter application. The Greenlight app captures data about your driving. This data helps us better detect incidents. Additionally, we are working on new features that will let you use your data to inform your driving habits and become a better, safer driver.