Save Money. Improve Safety

The Greenlight SmartCradle™ is the most affordable way to add video and telematics to fleet vehicles.

Greenlight is the only mobile solution backed by insurers.

Deploy Greenlight into your fleet of vehicles to improve safety, reduce losses and lower insurance costs.


Shift safety into high gear.

Video can have a significant impact on driver habits, and claims costs. Greenlight’s video system has features that are both robust and simple



Quick-launch is a key time saving feature that makes Greenlight simple and quick to use every time you drive. All you need to do is dock, swipe, and Greenlight starts running.

Video Loop Recording

Loop recording works by letting the phone record short segments of video and automatically erasing the segments where nothing happened. This provides full video coverage of all drives with a minimal use of space.

Incident Detection

Special algorithms allow Greenlight to understand when an incident may have occurred. In the event of a sudden impact, Greenlight will detect the incident and immediately store your video. Evidence is secured by Greenlight, automatically.



Driver scoring benefits all.

Greenlight collects secure, anonymous data that is used to help each driver understand how they compare to the field and provide actionable insights and training to improve their score and lower their risk.

Driver performance tracking
Profiling for cornering, braking, and speed
Trending data
Driver performance comparison
Targeted areas for driving improvement
Video training
 Standard data rates apply for data sent over LTE. Data can be restricted to wi-fi to reduce data charges if necessary.

Standard data rates apply for data sent over LTE. Data can be restricted to wi-fi to reduce data charges if necessary.



Your fleet at a glance.

Understand your fleet's performance at a glance. Fleet managers and safety directors have access to the overall performance of their drivers and can see the actions that are being taken to help them improve automatically.

Overall fleet score
Driver trending data
Performance and training tracking
Claim video access and review
Automatic feedback activity
Automatic video driver training


Why use video and telematics?

Fleets leveraging Greenlight can see massive reductions in risk and its associated costs. Transit studies have shown the following effectiveness for video and telematics implementations.