Changing the transportation landscape.

Greenlight is here to help change the way people drive, from helping you become a better safer driver, to helping fleets get where they need to be. Our products are here to support you, on the road.



The smarter way to build your bottom line

SmartRoute is a routing and optimization solution that enhances your fleet’s operational efficiency, enabling each vehicle and driver to maximize the amount of cargo they can pick up and deliver while minimizing miles, hours, and overall cost.




The best dash camera is already in your pocket

The Greenlight SmartCradle uses your iOS or Android phone as a dash camera. Simply install the SmartCradle and download the Greenlight app and you will have a simple and effortless way to save the moments that matter on the road.




Save Money. Improve Safety.

The Greenlight SmartCradle is the most affordable way to add video and telematics to fleet vehicles.

Deploy Greenlight into your fleet of vehicles to improve safety, reduce losses and lower insurance costs.


Greenlight is the only mobile solution backed by insurers.