Integrated route optimization 4x the benefit to your business


Reduce Operation Cost

With the price of fuel today, SmartRoute typically pays for itself with a route reduction of only five or six miles.  All additional savings so straight to your bottom line.  Less mileage on your fleet also directly translates to less maintenance cost.


Increase Dispatch Productivity

Dispatchers spend valuable time each day creating and optimizing routes.  SmartRoute can simply do it better and quicker.  Because SmartRoute is fully integrated, there are no third party applications to access or data to transfer.  Instead of map and number crunching, dispatchers can spend their time performing more constructive tasks to help customers and move business forward.



Build A Loyal IC Workforce

Winning IC loyalty is about providing the IC with the best financial opportunity.  If your fleet utilizes IC’s, SmartRoute will assure the IC is getting the most productivity in the shortest amount of  time each day.  An optimized SmartRoute manifest will provide your  IC with the best opportunity to earn the most revenues in the least amount of time.

Improve Your Advertising

Word-of-mouth advertising has always been the most effective long-term marketing strategy.  
SmartRoute improves customer satisfaction by efficiently managing and meeting your customer stop time commitments.  GPS enabled SmartRoute also provides your customers with ETA updates so if things do unexpectedly change, the customer is forewarned as early as possible.  On-time deliveries and prior notifications help generate satisfied customers.