Purpose Built

Provide your customers with access to a wide spectrum of
optimization options with a single integration with your dispatch platform.



One Integration / Many Engines

  • No single optimization engine comes close to fulfilling all customer needs for features, performance, and price.
  • With one integration, your customers can access multiple optimizations engines that cover a wide range of batch-based and dynamic optimization solutions that best match their business needs.
  • SmartRoute’s Intelligent Data Layer addresses data mapping and common data-discrepancies related to how customer use certain fields in your application.
  • SmartRoute offers a full and easy to integrate with API.

Designed for Last Mile Delivery

  • SmartRoute’s was built specifically for last mile delivery customers.
  • Optimized routes are based on stop time windows, vehicle/driver schedule, cargo type, vehicle cargo capacity, traffic conditions, service level, vehicle configuration/speed, and stop dwell times.
  • Customer can optimize mileage, time, or cost.
  • Customer can optimize based on the “least number of vehicles” or spread the stops over a specified fixed number of vehicles.

GPS Enabled Real-Time Processing

  • If your platform offers a GPS enabled mobile client, SmartRoute can use this data for real-time updates to optimize the route as well as update ETA’s and ETD’s.
  • GPS enablement also allows new incoming same day stop orders to be optimally routed based on each vehicles real-time data.

Optimal Support

  • SmartRoute On-boarding Services make certain your customers get setup with the best optimization engine for their business.
  • SmartRoute Support provides all first and/or second level support to assure your customers continue to get the most from SmartRoute.

Bolster Your Business 3x with SmartRoute

  • Increase your re-occurring revenue stream: SmartRoute provides an additional monthly revenue source
  • from new and existing customers alike.
  • Attract new customers: Route optimization is a critical checklist item for most LMD companies in search
  • of a new dispatch application.
  • Build customer loyalty: Comprehensive route optimization services are becoming a requirement for LMD
  • companies to remain competitive. Dispatch applications with robust route optimization services will foster more customer loyalty.

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