A complete optimization solution for shippers, carriers, and order management software.

Integrated Route Optimization powered by Multiple Engines

Comprehensive route optimization integrated into your logistics management application

Although the concept of “route optimization” is straight forward, the practical application varies greatly from business to business.  Our experience is no single solution fulfills the needs of the market with respect to simplicity, price, performance, and features.

SmartRoute solves this dilemma by offering a bridge to multiple optimization engines, with each engine representing specific strengths.   From “automatic” batch sequencing solutions to full control and visibility in a dynamic environment, we match the right route optimization engine to each of your individual customer’s business need.  


The best part:   A single integration from your dispatch management application to our "SmartRoute Connector" enables you to offer a suite of route optimization solutions to your customers.


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Optimization Parameters

Route optimization engines solve a complex efficiency equation with a multitude of parameters.  Each of these parameters adds a layer of complexity to the optimization equation.  SmartRoute allows your customers access to route optimization services through your dispatch management application that specifically addresses those parameter that are important to their business, thus reducing complexity, performance degradation, and cost wherever possible.


Stop Locations


Stop Time Windows


Time or mileage based optimization


Optional Parameters

Pickup or delivery designation

Cargo capacity management

Vehicle capabilities and restrictions

Vehicle/Driver schedules

Vehicle/Driver designated starting/ending points

Stop dwell times by cargo type/quantity

Stop dwell time by service type

Cost-based route optimization

Street-level route manipulation

Manually move stops within a route

Manually move stops between routes

Dynamic real-time routing and updating

Speed adjustment by vehicle and region

Speed adjustment based on historical traffic data


The SmartRoute Connector

The SmartRoute Connector is much more than a data mapping middle ware - it also corrects common data input inconsistencies.  At SmartRoute, we realize customers often use data fields within dispatch management applications differently with regards to format, accuracy, and even purpose.  However, optimization engines require standardized and precise data in order to effectively process and optimize stop order information.  The SmartRoute Connector is designed to overcome these data disparities by interpreting and translating data that would otherwise be unusable, then passing usable data to the optimization engine without changing the actual data within the dispatch record.


Route Optimization: A Mathematical Challenge

Optimization engines must perform almost unfathomable amount of number crunching.  With only 10 stop locations (and no other variables, including stop time windows) there are more than 3,600,000 permutations to consider.  Add just 15 more stops and the number of possible permutations explodes to 150,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.  Other variables in this equation (such as stop windows, cargo capacity management, driver/vehicle schedules) also increase the number of permutations by orders or magnitude.


Most optimization engines use different algorithms to reduce the number of calculations, but there is a trade-off between accuracy and processing time.  It is important to select the optimization engine that uses effective algorithms to achieve the proper balance between accuracy vs. performance.


The SmartRoute

  • Best of breed optimization solutions with a single integration

  • "Automated" and "full control" optimization solutions

  • Data translation and standardization

  • Increase new sales by offering robust route optimization as part of your dispatch management solution

  • Additional source of re-occurring revenue

  • SmartRoute provided customer on-boarding services


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